Welcome to All For The Breast

By: All for the Breast Editorial Team, October 1, 2015

All for the Breast is your new home for information, education and awareness of breast cancer and breast health. We’re here to provide women, men, friends, families, partners, teachers, coworkers, and everyone in between with information about living with breast cancer and ways to find and give support.

It’s important to care for yourself and one another because the stronger the support, the easier the fight. With this website, we hope that more people will feel empowered to seek access to quality care, talk to one another about their diagnoses, and become better caregivers and advocates for themselves and for others.

Approximately 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. From prevention to treatment to adjusting to a new reality with breast cancer, our goal is to share stories, nurture conversations, showcase innovative programs, and deepen the understanding about breast health.

There are many difficult decisions to make throughout a woman’s experience with breast cancer, and often people feel isolated or overwhelmed during this process. By featuring the work of dedicated patient navigators, doctors, and organizations who are making a difference, as well as giving patients themselves a voice and platform, we hope to create connections and strengthen our community. We want to share wisdom and resources to help others along the way, with the goal of helping people get to know their bodies, their options, and their community. Because while there may always be ups and downs, it’s good to remember, it’s all for the breast.

All for the Breast is an initiative of the Avon Foundation for Women. Since the Avon Foundation for Women launched the Breast Cancer Crusade in 1992, Avon breast cancer programs in over 50 countries have raised and donated more than $815 million to breast cancer programs around the world to conduct research and advance access to quality care for all, regardless of a person’s ability to pay. For more stories about women’s empowerment, visit Beauty for a Purpose.


Disclaimer: This website was created for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Be sure to partner with your medical provider to develop the best personal care plan for you.